Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surfar e Viver

Nossa gente.  Eu amo vocês de mais.  Não vejo a hora em que estou reunida com toda minha familia e amigos no reino celestial.  Bem, posso esperar né, mas, tenho saudades de minha familia em casa mas não quero deixar minha familia aqui na Bahia.  A missão é muito dez mas muito ruim tudo no mesmo tempo.  Eu amo vocês de mias de mais de mias!!!!  Um dia nós vamos nos encontrar de novo e vai ser o melhor dia da minha vida eterna.  kaaaaKkKk.  Quero que todos vocês saibam que eu sie que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo é a unica Igreja verdadeira na face da terra que jesus Cristo vive e que ele é o meu salvador.  Sie que O livro de mormon é a palavra de deus e que podemos ser salvos ao fazer tudo que ele ensina

Hey family ad friends sorry this  might be short.  I am a little slw ths week .  I love you all sooo much.  i know that the tiem is short for me to come home for this we are working SUPER SUPER hard.  I know that we will be blessed for all our efforts.  It has not bee easy in this area but I know that as we continue working and searching for the spirit we will have success.  sorry if everything i write and worte today is crap.  THis keyboard is a joke and all the keys like to stick, but no joke it is like a work out just to type on e word, my forearm hurts.

Laurindo did not get baptised.  We are working on it.  We closed his baptism yesterday and he wants it to be on thursday.  He didn`t understand that our church is hte only tue church.  He feels  good in th Catholic church as well.  We had to esplain that yes, the catholic church, the baptist church, ALL the churches teach woderful great things but they don`t have authority they don`t have EVERYTHING wonderful and great.  It took a little while and a little sweat but we got it done.  He gets it now.  I love hm.  enext week I will ry to send a picture of him and some of our other investigators.

You guys don`t need to be worried about my safty because sister Davis and I ound out that we have a guardian angel.  HTis 5 foot 4 guy was telling me last nihgt that he liked to talk to us becuase he feels epeace and that we are safe because if anyone every tried to mess with us he wold beat them up;.  I feel super sfe because I think I could probably pick this guy up and put him in my backpack and preach the gosple with him in my bag for the no worries guys!!!

I lov eyou all soooooo much.  I canot wait to see you but at the same time I don`t want to see ya`ll that soon either.  I hope you all have an amazing week and lots of missionary experiences.  When was the last time you gave someone a BoM?  or a pass-along card.  DO IT!!!!!

Be awseome.  Stay Possitive.


SIster Ottley

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