Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Super Legal

Alright.  It was super super great to hear from everyone!!!  Thanks
for the emails!!!  I love you all.  I got Adams announcement and a
Package from Mom.  I am actually sitting in the INternet cafe using
the skirt you sent me.  Thanks mom you are the best!!!  send a hug,
kiss and my condolences to Rachel.  Poor girl had no idea does she?
oh well, she`ll figure it all out sooner or later.

I had a super awesome week.  I feel like as missionaries we grow soooo
much spiritually and emotionally.  I actually CARE about other epople
now.  ha ha what a sad sad statement.  But it is true.  I love my
fellow man and I want to help and serve all of them FOREVER!!!

THis week we FINALLY were able to marka dn meet a referral that a
member had been trying to drag us to for a few weeks.  The name is
Jacson.  He is married to Elisangela and have 2 daughters.  Bianca and
*nameless*  we havent met the older daughter yet.  BUT the family is
fantastic!!!  they made us pizza and juice and were SOOO receptive.
Sister Siqueira and I felt the spirit SOOOOOO strong it isn`t even
funny they are what we like to call Eleitos.  Realmente você não pode
negar quando Deus està colocando as pessoas em sua frente.  I love you
all I hope all is well.

I pray for you each daily.  I know that seems impossible because I am
just sooo full of friends and family but I really really love all of
you.  I want the best for you!!!

Please stay awesome!!  Remember who you are.  Never forget that YOU
have the potential to be like GOd.  Stay happy!!!


Sister ottley

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