Thursday, June 28, 2012

Insert Creativity Here.

Alright so I want to appologise for the lack of creativity in advance
of this email.  I am super tired BUT I have some fun stories for you
guys.....So tighten your seatbelts and let`s go for a ride!!!!

So this week we worked quite a bit in Jacuípe.  If you ever wanted to
google this place you will find nothing.  Basically the George,
Washington of Bahia.  Except there isn`t a giant cherry pie once a
year there.  But you can find it on google earth maybe it`s real name
is Nazaré de Jacuípe.  Very cool.  ANYWAYS.  So we have been working
there for a little bit and we have found some amazing people.  For
example Damiana.  I love her and she has a son Kauan who is super
adorable and best part?......He is 8 and so we can TOTALLY baptise him
with his mom!!!  We are really excited and hoping that all goes well
so we can baptise them in Rio Jacuípe on sunday.  So we taught them
the first the middle of construction and all this noise,
was super annoying but we always can tell when Satan doesn`t want us
to do soemthing.  ha ha So we persevered.  It was a great lesson.  And
when we went back we found out that they had read the book of mormon
AND prayed to ask God if it was true.  sooooo great.  we took them to
our first JAcuípe meeting and guess what.  SATAN SUCKS.  He was
alllllll up in the bar next door and the music was turned up real real
loud and we couldn`t hear ANYTHING!!!  To say the least there was very
little spirit and very little listening.

We also had a drunkard come make a visit at the new church slash
school we borrowed.  He said that he really liked the word we
left.....really?  because we heared about nothing.  ha ha but he says
he is going to come again.  We will go to his house and make sure that
next week he is sober.

We also had an investigator, Vânia who has a son.....I am not sure if
he is from this planet or somewhere much much further south.....he is
kind of a terror.  I don`t ever want to have children.  ha ha just
kidding....but seriously.  He was throwing pencils at us while we were
taking the sacrament.....I won`t tell who`s GREAT idea it was to give
the hellion pencils....(k, it was SOOOO me) but he decided after a
little bit that he didn`t want them any more and so he throw them with
all his might at us.  Ha ha soooo cute.  Then he decided he wanted to
know what was under the white linens on the table in the
front.......Very nice.  He was eatting the sacrament bread.......ha ha
The preist was FREEAKinG out ha ha so I grabbed his hand and we went
outside to "play"  a.k.a. ount the plants in the garden.....he doesn`t
know how to count very well but it kept him busy so his mom could
maybe hear a message about something!!!  ha ha

The mission is soooo funny if I were to try to tell you guys all the
funny stuff that we do and see I would be here forever.  But I wanted
to share a special story with you guys.  Rewinding a little bit to the
borrowed school of Jacuípe where we were trying to hold our super cool
first meeting with HUGE music boxes outside of the school walls.  It
was sooo loud we couldn`t hear hardly ANYTHING, which is a problem.  I
was praying sooo hard that Heavenly Father would allow these beautiful
people to hear the message and feel it`s truth.  As we sung the first
hymn, Alegres Cantemos;  the music got a littl equieter and we got a
little louder and I felt the love of God sooooo strong.  I know that
when we are doing the right things and trying to always listen to him,
the spirit will touch our souls and we can feel the love of our
savior.  I have co doubts  whatsoever that this church is true that
Joseph Smith was a Profet and that he translated yet another testament
of Jesus Christ.  I know that The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints is the only true church on the face of the planet and if we
live the gospel and keep our covenants we will not only have eternal
life and savation but we will be exaulted.  It all depends on us.  God
will ALWAYS do his part.  we just have to remember all the promisses
we make and them keep them.

I love you all sooo much.  I hope you all well!!!!  Don`t do anything
I wouldn`t do.  I miss you but not enough to come home anytime soon.
Stay awesome!!!


SIster Ottley

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