Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sai da frente, Sai da frente, Deus está na minha frente!!

Phew,  what an amazing week.  So many experiences soooo many buses and
soooo many people.  I don`t really know where to start.  This week was
super great because we learned alot.  We didn`t do much good but I
feel like personally I grew and learned sooo much.  I used to picture
the last few months as the time that I was supposed to shine because I
wouldn`t have anything else to learn......FALSE!!!!

Laurindo didn`t get baptised.  Sunday was an adventure if I have ever
had one.  Saturday we went to Camaçari to a special musical fireside
put on by President Harts Son and wife and 4 adorable children who
were here visiting.  Then we stayed at the other sister`s apartment
because there aren`t any buses to São Sebatião do Passé after 6
o´clock.  In the morning (sunday) we headed to the chapel again to
watch the Menaus Temple dedication........we waited, and waited and
then waited some more.  The transmition thingy was broken and we
weren`t able to watch it at the 9 am session.  Okay, perfect.  We went
with the Zone Leaders from the other zone to lunch and decided to call
Laurindo to make sure everything was okay and set.  He was in Salvador
still, okay that´s fine.  When are you coming back?  he made some
excuses and then it all fell apart.  Sister Davis and I had a nice
depressing conversation about how we were going to have to drop him as
an investigator and the LZ´s almost got to see us cry.  Ha ha then we
headed back to São Sebastião to figure some stuff out.  WE learned
that buses suck and I can`t wait to have a car again.  Got car sick
and had to basically sit on top of some chubby lady who´s daughter was
drunk.  FUN!

Then we were still way depressed when we decided we needed to do
something fun on P-day.  so We called Sister Hart and made plans to go
to Arembepe, Bahia.  If you can you should google this place.  I
dson`t know if there is anything on the internet about it but it is
BEAUTIFUL!!!  There is a Turtle Project where you can see enourmous
turtles and President Hart`s grandkids got to touch some baby ones.
We ate a real good lunch and then headed back to São Sebastião.  More
buses.  More car sickness.  fun.

WE are working a little in Jacuípe which is a small district of São
Sebastião and we are going to have the first church meetings there on
sunday.  We founda faimly who is soooo ready for the gospel.  I cannot
wait to teach them more about the gospel.  Life is soooo good when you
have people to teach.  Everyone still needs to get amrried but I know
that once they have a testimony these things will not demorar.

I wish I had more cool stories to tell you people.  I am just a little
lame I guess.  But I love you all sooooo much.  I hope all is well, I
pray for you allt he time.  I love love love love love you all.  Son`t
ever give us, don`t ever regret and just stay awesome.

I am healthy and happy and miss you.


Sister Ottley

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