Thursday, June 28, 2012


WEll lets start this off with, I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!  We had
transfers.  I was thinking that Sister Siqueira and I would stay
together one more transfer.  But we went to the fax meeting anyways to
find out what everyone else would be doing.  Well, my last companion,
Sister Marciano, sat down and said "I know who your new companion is"
I freaked out!!!  I was like how?  HOW DO YOU KNOW!!??!?!?  ha ha She
told me that President had told my new companion that she would be my
companion, and she told Sister Marciano.  Well, lets just say that
when Sister Marciano told me that SISTER DAVIS would be coming to São
Sebatião do Passé I did a little dance in my chair and a few fist

So, my official new comapion is SISTER DAVIS!!!  Woo I love love love
love her.  I am soooo excited.  We have already taught together and it
is a beautiful thing.  I cannot wait to see all the good we can do
together. She is EXACTLY what this branch needs.

Sister SIqueira´s last week here we were doing contacts one morning
and decided to enter into an area that we don`t necessarily like
because it is super close to the church and EVERYONE has already been
contacted and knocked.  LIES!!! ha ha we found Laurindo.  He was
sitting in the street just kicking it when we BAM asked him if we
could talk to him about the love his heavenly Father has for him.  He
said yes and we marked that the next day we would return to talk to
him and his grandmother, Angelica.  Perfect.  We got there the next
morning and he was at the gym.  We decided to wait because Angelica
said he would be coming back any minute.  We talked to her tried some
fruit that I couldn`t pronounce if my life depended on it and she gave
us crackers.  Obviously we loved her from the first lesson.  Ha ha
when Laurindo showed up and showered we started the first lesson of
the Restauration.  It.  Was.  Beautiful.  The spirit has never been so
strong in a first lesson for me.  It was so amazing.  He felt it and
he accepted a baptismal date and EVERYTHING.  he really understood the
need for a restauration which is the KEY for the first lesson.  We
left him a chapter in the Book of MOrmon.  Whedn we went back he had
already read and preayed to know if it was true or not.  He said there
were some words that he didn`t understand super well so he had to
re-read a few times.  OMG. Who does that?!?!?1  he was preparred.
Heavenly FAther Loves him and wants him to find the truth.  And I am
lucky enough to be an instrument in his hands and take the thruth to
Laurindo.  I love it!!!!  ANYWAYS he said that when he prayed he felt
a great peace and tranquilidade.  I love it!!!  He wasn`t able to go
to church last week BUT I am pretty sure we will be able to get him
there this week!!!  and BAPTISM next week!!!!!

I love being a missionary.  I am sad that I wasn`t ablet o see and
talk to everyone on the inter net for mothers day.  I love you all
sooo much!!!  Happy Mothers day to all you mothers. And I hope that
you can all teach your children to ttrust in God with all their
hearts.  Just like the Mothers of the Stripling warriors taught their
children.  No matt, they did not teach their chilred to fight
necessarily but to trust that when we are obedient and faithful God
will protect us.

I love you all soooo much!!!

Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Stay Awesome!!!

Never Regret!!!!


Sister Ottley

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