Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay I expect MANY photos this week!!!

So, it is adam`s Wedding this weekend.....I expect MANY photos this week in emails from ALL!!!!  So charge up those cameras and someone PLEASE teach my mom to send pictures via email....PLEASE!!!!  I don`t know if everyone plans on going to Texas but seriously at least pretend so that I can feel like I went too.

This week was slightly depressing and lame.  we didn`t baptise and I am getting anxious, not a good combination.  Ha ha I have been in Catú for SOOOO long.  I like it here but I am going slightly insane.  I don`t even have to think while I am walking in the streets I have already memorized the streets and my body just walks without me even thinking.  Sometimes I get to my destination and think oh my goodness when and how did I get here.  Bishop Silva is trying to request my membership so that he can just keep me in the ward.  He says that I am not a member of the ward still so I need to request my membership so that I can start paying tithing.

So as a missionary we are asked to always look for the miracles in our lives.  My miracle this week was that I cound Cool Ranch Doritos in the grocery store.  I about peed.  My companoin now officially thinks that I am a nut case (took her long enough to figure it out).  I bought them and payed about an arm and a leg too.  But they we delicious.  I ate them.  Ha ha I am kidding, this was not my miracle of the week.  It was a miracle but other better things happened.
For example: CONFERENCE, which is the best.  We ahd 6 non-members in our tiny ward and we got a projector so we were able to watch it here in Catú!!!!

I didn`t get to hear very much of it because i was trying to pacify Cristopher so our pesquisador could pay attention and also about every 30 seconds the internet would hick-up......BUT STILL!!!!  It was super FAbby!!!  It is soooo clear the the leaders fo the church really do pay-attention and care about us.  They do their best to guide us.  I would never compare myself to one of the profets BUT it is what Sister Marciano and I are trying to do here in Catú.  We had a really good conversation yesterday, we are working sooo hard and doing so many great things and talking to sooo many people and teaching lessons all the time.  BUT we are not having the success that we are wanting.  it is super difficult but we realised that we are doing our part.  Heavenly Father doesn`t ask more of us that what we can accomplish, all that is lacking is the decisios of the investigator.  He has to do his part as well.....Read....Pray.....and BAPTISE HIMSELF!!!  ha ha we can only force sooooo much then the person has to act with the knowledge we share.

Sister De Jesus returned from her mission.  Ha ha she is a member here in Catú when I was here the first time over Mother´s day I talked to her on the phone....she only had 7 months out on the mission.......seems like that was yesterday.  Now she is home and I plan on kidnapping her about everyother day to do divisions in this wlast week of our transfer here in Catú.  I am almost possitive tat I will be transfered.  I don`t think I will go far but I won`t be staying here in Catú. 

OH!!!  Dad asked for my address like 2 months ago so he could google maps stalk me.  I TOTALLY FOR GOT!!!!  sorry. So addresses are intersesting here in Bahia and I don`t even know the name of our street.  But this is the adress of our chaple.  We live in the next street down.

Rua Rodolfo Góes S/N, Bairro: Centro, CATU, BAHIA, 48110000, BRAZIL

It is something like that sorry, I am only going to be here for like another week anyways.

So I am doing really really great!!!!  I love you all I am sorry to hear the Dad sold all his bulls.....or is that good?  Sei lá :)  I am healthy and happy and all sorts of tired.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!


Sister Ottley

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