Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is sooo good to be me.

Sorry Amber, I didn`t realize that it didn`t get sent to you.  This is
from last week 17 april, 2012

 Boa Tarde Família e amigos:

Sabe que Eu amo vocês?  Bem, eu amo vocês.  Só quero que todo mundo saiba
que Eu tenho um testimunho desta igreja.  Eu sei que Joseph Smith restaurou
a igreja verdadeira.  Sei que tenho um Pai Celestial que me ama e que quer
o melhor para mim.  Ele tambem quer isso por cada um de vocês.  Amo
vocês,.  Leia o Livro de Mormon!!!!  ORE!!!!

Alright.  I don`t have a SUPER large amout of time but I will quickly tell
you guys a few super awesome stories.

THis week I learned form the mother of one of our investigators that Christ
is going to the form of a woman.  And the Prophets are also
going to come back in this form.......Some people are INSANE... ha ha but I
love it SIster Siqueira and I about peed on this ladies couch when she was
telling us this.  but we kept it together until we were a little ways down
the street.

I met some of the members of the branch on sunday.   One lady really left
her mark.  SHe told me about how a friend of hers had died and that the
spirit of this woman is still with her to this day.  THis spirit follows
this member around and tells her things......I will be keeping my distance
from this lady.

We met some scorpions.  Scorpion in the mission means a man who hits on
sisters.  One is 19 and the other like 30.  THey wanted to take us out to
eat.  We told them we would mark a day......not.  and then my companion
told them about what types of music she likes and then the 19 year old
decided this would be a good moment to lean against the wall and say in the
most "deep sexy" voice that his PASSION was music.  OKAY........The he
diceided that it was a good time to take a shower.....he left and came back
in a towel.  Sister Siqueira and I just kept on reading our scriptures.  oh


We are trying to open another area here in São Sebastião  it is called
jacuípe.  We went there on sunday and did splits to contact and teach.  I
was with a young woman, CArol, we were walking when all of a sudden a woman
in a car pulled over and called us over to her.  When I got to her car she
said, "I feel as though you have something to say to me.  Go ahead and
talk"  The Holy Ghost is soooo amazing!!!!!  I love being a missionary!!!
I am NEVER going home!!!

I love you allll!!!!  Read the Book Of mormon!!!  Go to church and the
temple!!!!  Say prayers EVERYDAY!!!


Sister Ottley

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