Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What`s in YOUR wallet?

Hello family and friends!!!

How was your week?  I hope all is well!!!  I miss and love you all!!!  This week was not that exciteing, sorry.  We are working really really hard.  We are having to RUN, litterally to our appointments because we are sooo booked.  Too bad when we get there many times the person doesn´t have real interest.  It isn`t esy but it is sooooo worth it.

I love preaching the Gospel; being a missionary is the coolest job in the world.  I thing I will do it porfessionally.  Kidding. But I am really really happy here in Bahia.  I am really really sore in places that I didn`t even know you could get sore.  we are seriously working super super hard. I know that God is going to bless us for being diligent. 

So, the subjest line this week, "what`s in your wallet?"  Each and everyone of you should have a Cartâo da amizade in your wallet, purse, car, pocket, etc. ALWAYS!!!!  Because if you are preparred for a missionary moment you will have missionary moments.  But if you aren`t they won`t happen and you will not feel the joy that is charing the gospel.  THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!!

We are trying to find all the people in the world (aka Sâo sebastiâo do Passé) that has already been to Church and wants to be baptised.  I love the idea of having a baptism on Mother`s Day.  It is going to be a white week!!!  I  can`t wait, I haven`t baptised since Hamilton in Catú in January so it has been a while but I have been planting seeds EVERYWHERE!!!  Ha ha just need some good soil, some will get there, I know it!!!

I love you all soooo much!!!  I hope ALL is well.  I hope you all a GREAT FANTASTIC GLORIOUS mother´s day!!!  I love you!!!  Be awesome!!!  Be Obedient!!!  Just Baptise!!!

Invite someone to church this week.  That is my challenge to ALL of you!!!  It can be an inactive member or a non-member.  Just invite them.  The worst that can happen is that they can say no.  Big whoop, you`ll get over it.



Sister Ottley

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