Thursday, June 28, 2012

I don`t know why everyone has forgotten me.

Sometimes I feel like I don`t even know who I am anymore.  I know that
is sad but I honestly do not get it.  We walk around and we feel so at
home talking to all the people here and inviting everyone to come unto
Christ.  I know what I am doing, I don`t know how to be normal.  I
tried thinking on saturday what I would be doing if I was at home.  I
didn`t like it.  Ha ha I figured I would be hanging out with friends,
maybe going to a movie, maybe going swimming or something fun like
that.  But I would be speaking english which is rediculous by the way.
 I would be in the United States.  No one would be Brazilean.  I want
to stay here forever.  We are teaching the Uncle of one of the really
great member s here and he totally speaks English.  He taught himself.
 It is really really amazing, I started talking and he was like "in
english please; I want to practice my english."  I started to
appologize in Portuguese and tried my best to explain some things to
him in English.  I realized I don`t even have a testimony in English
anymore.  Ha ha it is really quite sad, I don`t know what I will do
when I get home.  Sister Davis and I already have plans to call each
other everyday just to speak in POrtuguese.

Sister Davis and I are convinced that there is an anamoly happening
between us.  We are the exception to every rule ever, fact.  We are
going to marry King Benjamin and Capitain Moroni.  It is all set, ha
ha we are both sooooo nervous to go home and not know what to do when
we have to talk to boys about real world stuff.

Anyways, all of these things will fall into place eventually.  I knowt
hat I am here for a reason I know that I will be home for a reason and
in the right timing.

THis week was really interesting.  We have been getting quite a few
cat-calls lately and so we joke around that we are going to have to
stop being so pretty......THis is rediculous becuase if you had seen
my clothes and hair and make-up (non-existant) you would not think we
are too attractive.  Anyways, just goes to show that when you have the
spirit you really ARE more attractive.

Laurindo didn`t get baptised but we went and talked to him and he
explained that he is shy and timid and for that reason he didn`t want
to be baptised.  He was worried someone would ask him to do something
he didn`t know how or in front of everyone.  ha ha ha ha poor kid was
terrified.  We explained that he wouldn`t have to do anyting he didn`t
want to and no w he is way excitedc about being baptised on sunday.

Please pray for my investigators.  I have 8 couples that need to get
marriedso they can get baptised.  This is extraordinarily high.  But I
know that with faith and some diligence and work that we can help them
keep the law of chastity and be happy for all eternity.

I love you all sooooo sooooo sooo omuch!!! I cannot wait to hear from
you all this week......ALL of you.  Yes, I am talking about you, and
you know who you are.  Slackers.  I hope you all have a great week.  I
promise that next week will be more organised.


SIster Ottley

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