Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If you could Hie to Bahia and hide there forever would you get deported?

So Interviews were this week.  Very awesome.  I love President Hart.
I told him I thought my companoin was perfect and then she said the
same thing about me......I guess we are pretty happy together.  Ha ha
it is pretty sweet.  I hope we get to stay together one more transfer.
 But who knows......

This week was full of nut jobs and cray crays.  This one guy made me
want to punch him in the face.  He is lucky I am wearing a name tag
with the Saviors name on it or else he might have lost a tooth or two.
He started talking about how we don`t have the holy ghost because we
don`t have the gift of tongues. ..........UH, hi, I am Sister Ottley,
from the USA.......I am speaking fluent Portuguese with only 1 year in
your beloved country........Anyways he went on to say the The Book of
Mormon was false and all this other stuff.  THEN I found out he was
completely insane and I forgave him.  He started telling us how he had
been studying the book of first generis....yes, Generis....And that
God revealed to him who his father is....Christ is the Son of God but
who is God`s father.  I told him it must be another God right?  oh no,
I couold not be more wrong!!!!  Ha ha ha ha acording to the book of
first Generis chapter 1 God`s father is the water.  Uh?  Okay.....he
went on to explain why and I was just trying really really hard not to
laugh in the guys face.

Then He said that he couldn`t go out and preach this to the whole
world because just like the people thought that the Prophet
Noel...yep, Noel...was crazy they would think that HE was crazy, how
absurd, how could someone think that THIS guy was crazy?  oh my

So later that day we went to Noite de INtegraçao at the chapel and the
first thing one of the members says to us is: "SIsters, be careful
with Canibalism"  I´m sorry, what?  ha ha apparently in Northers
Brasil  some lady was killin people and selling them to people as BBQ.
 THat´s pretty cool I guess, so I will no longer be eatting

Ha ha and then on SUnday we ate at a members house and she made goat
meat for us.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I thought that cow was weird
looking.  It was actually kinda good.

THEN, we met Guto.  I said "Boa noite"  to some little man in the
street and continued walking because the clock was about to strike the
hour of "Missionaries turn into pumpkins" But he was MUCH MUCH more
interested in talking to the american tourist than in my excuses to
leave him on the corner.  He started to explain that he had seen a
flying saucer and met an Extra Terrestrial.  Wow, that is really
great.  This ET was like 2 and a half meters tall and blond with blue
eyes.  He talked with his mind......telepathetic.....and his lips
NEVER moved.  Wow, we really need to go.  He told me the United States
were goingto be destroyed in 2018.  Oh, well I live here now soI don`t
need to worry about that too much.  Sister Siqueira and I could barely
breath for want to laugh.  It is soooo hard to be me.

So we are trying to work with the members alot and one family took us
to a girls house where the "wife" is a member and the "husband" is not
(they aren`tr really married) and the husband is a drunkard.  Ha ha ha
ha ha ha he and his uncle were there totally drunk apparently his
uncle is God....he made sure to tell us a few times.  I was quite
impressed.  Ha ha anyways we left a message and got the heck out of
there.  We invited him to stake conference.  k, bye.

WE actually invited the whole world to stake conference.  Lots of our
investigators promised tehy would go, we went to pick some up on the
way and no one was awake.  That`s cool I guess.  Then when we get to
the church to load the bus guess who is waiting there all cute in his
clean clothes; THE DRUNK GUY!!!  Out of ALL the people who could have
gone and promissed they would THE DRUNK GUY came through.  I love the
tender mercies of the Lord.  ha ha it was pretty sweet.  We will
probably help them get amrried and baptise the heck, and the alcohol,
out of him.

Conference was aMAzing!!!!!  Hamilton, from Catú got the melchesidek
(sp) preisthood.  I cried.  ha ha it was sooo beautiful.  I saw
Cristiane (my second baptism) as well.  SHe is sooo good and
PREGNANT!!!!!!  what!?!?!?!?!?!  It was soooo amazing.  The Church
really really is True.  And it can change peoples lives.  I love it.

So I was just chillin at the chapel after my interview with president
waiting for our District Leader so we could leave when all of a sudden
my Zone leader looks at me and says, SIster Ottley the Executive
secretary is going to call you..........Why?.......he wants to know
what Airport is closest to your house.
I died a little inside.  WHAT!?!?!?!?  Why does he want to know
that?!?!?!?  *ring* *ring* I answered and when I asked him why he
wanted to know he said he was going to go visit you guys!!!  ha ha I
told him to send hugs and kisses.  BAHHHH!!!!!!!  ha ha ha
apparently I don`t have very much more time on the mission......what
is THAT about?  oh goodness.  I said Wenatchee.  So if ya`ll want a
different Airport speak now or forever hold your peace.

I learned some really really great lessons this week but one thing
that I learned and loved was the following phrase.  "Sometimes we
don`t doubt but at the same time, we don`t trust."  We know that God
can and will do ANYTHING but do we realy trust that he WILL?  We have
to put all of our everything into our faith and do all of the actions
we can to make miracles happen.  I love learning and feeling edified.

I love you all I hope everyone is well.  I miss you!!!  stay
awesome!!!  Don`t forget the pormisses you made!!!  Never Regret!!!

Sister Ottley

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