Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sometimes God is merciful

So this week was super interesting.  I am realizing that I still have
not developed a sense of direction.......yep, some things will never
change.  Ha ha after 7 months in the city I knew Catú like the back
ofmy hand and could get you anywhere in the city from anywhere.  Now,
I am a little lost.  ha ha I have to stop in the middle of the street
and pray just to be guided to our appointments.  ha ha and it doesn`t
help that NONE of the streets are made in block form.  ANYWAYS, being
lost if fun.  I had a pretty great birthday.  I woke up and Sister
Davis made me breakfast in bed....well, she made me breakfast while I
was sitting on the floor watching her and she made me get back into
bed and pretend I was surprised.  ha ha and then sunday night Marcio
and Suely (members) made me a brithday cake and sang to me in english.
 It was great.  I hope Amber and Ethan´s birthdays were just as cool
and that Caden`s will be as well!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Sunday we went to pick Laurindo up for church.  We got to his house

and his aunt said he wasn`t there.  As we walked away head down we
just prayed that he had gone to church by himself.  As we turned the
corner to the church, THERE he was!!!!!!  Oh how Heavenly Father leads
us to the people who are preparred!!!!I LOVE IT!!!  WE took him
upstairs and handed him over to a man in the quorum and just prayed
that they wouldn`t teach any apostacy that week.  We then took him to
Principios do evangelho where Marcio taught about Arrependimento and
it was sooo great.  Everyone is super relaxed in the class and so he
felt comfortable.  THEN I spoke in sacrament meeting.  ha ha it was
cool but I was calling the people to a little repentance ha ha so it
was interesting.  ha ha I just said that they needed to be good
examples and told them a few things that could probably be changed so
that people would have a better desire to join the church.  it was

ANYWAYS, afterwards Laurindo was like "I really liked it there was no

screaming."  I guess the last time he visited a church he sat down and
the pastor just started screaming and shouting.  ha ha he said he had
gotted scared.  Then yesterday we went back and taught him about the
law of chastty and the word of wisdom.  He already lives both of them.
 I.  Love.  Him.  He shall be baptised on sunday.  I LOVE IT, Being a
missionary is the BEST!!!!

I hope all is well for all of you!!!  I am happy and healthy!!!  Stay

awesoem!!!  Never Regret!!!



Sister Ottley

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