Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ha ha sooooo I got transferred.  I am in alittle town called São Sebastião do Passe.  My companion is Sister Siqueira, she is also from São Paulo.  I love her to death already.  She only has 3 transfers in the mision and so I am actually senior companoin.......ha ha took long enough.  but I really loved being co-seniors with all my companoins I feel asthough the companoinship is more united.  ANYWAYS the church is actually just a rental here.  it is a branch rather than a ward.  I found out that when we baptise 8 more men it will become a ward!!!!  WOOT  please pray for me to be able to find teach and convert these 8 men.
I love being a missionary sooo much there really is nothing better in the world.  And working with Sister Siqueira is going to really do me some good. SHe is still kinda new and so she still has that fire ya know?  she thinks that every contact we make is going to get baptised in the same week.  I like her spunk. 
I am sooo greatfult o be a member of the true church of Jesus |Christ.  I know who I am I know why I am here  and I know who my Heavenly Father is.  I know the difference between crazy and the holy ghost.  In Catu recently a small church moved into the open building in front of our house right next to the bar.  Yea I didn`t really get it either.  But they think that speaking in tongues is just shouting a bunch of nonsence and if you shout glory or haleluia at the end it is the holy ghost.......I wish everyone else was a member of my church too....
So I fasted this week and it was the hardest fast I have ever done in my life.  Ha ha ha ha I about broke my fast 50 times because of all the temptations.  But luckily I had Gustavo.  Gustavo is a small boy who is the neighbor of Uellington.  He came over while Uellington and his mom weren`t looking and i made him drink all my juice and eat all my cake before Nice saw.  It was sweet.  ha ha i was swhispering "drink drink!!!!"  and he was drinking and filling his poor little belly as fast as he could.  ha ha ha but he saved me.  another member gave us crackers.......I stuck them in my companion was really confused as to why and how I had eatten them so quickly.....There are still crumbs floating around my bag...they smell like bacon; i think she gave me bacon flavored crackers.  I fed them to the pidgeons.
So if the mission has taught me anything it is that I am not going to be a prefessional drycleaner or laundry mat manager.....ha ha Before the mission my mom baught me a pretty blue my 2nd transfer i SPILLED BLEACH ON IT.   it was dark it has random red splotches.   I had the brilliant idea to dye it blue again......EVERYTHING went wrong.  The pot I was boiling the dye in had a hole in it......our stove turned blue.  My fingers also turned blue.   and a few towels.   my dress still has red splotches.
I love you all I am working really hard and loving my life.  I wish you all THE BEST!!!!  please never regret never forget who you are and always readthe scriptures and pray to your heavenly father.  He wants to hear from you.  Have an AMAZING week!!!  Dream of baptisms and angels.
Sister Ottley

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